Black Friday Special! E-Course 50% Off!

Quick update to let you know a GREAT DEAL I’ve put up, for today only!

You can get my 3-module e-course, How to Launch Your Speaking Ministry, for 50% off. Today only, it’s just $25!

Here’s what it teaches you:

Module 1: Preparing the Foundation

  • Develop Your Signature Talk
  • Identify Your Niche
  • Write a Tagline
  • Get Everything in Place to Generate Word of Mouth: know how you’ll follow up; have beginning promotional materials; make yourself easy to find
  • Learn How to Record Yourself
  • Learn the 25 Easiest Groups to Speak to-and how to find them!
  • Get Your Friends Working on Your Behalf!

And you’ll learn the big mistake beginning speakers often make that jeopardizes word of mouth and their ability to get larger engagements later!

Module 2: Capturing their Attention, and Keeping It!

  • Learn How to Collect Email Addresses, and what to do with them!
  • Find the 3 Best Methods to Make Your Talk Effective: The more effective, the more they’ll recommend you!
  • Discover the Keys to Making Organizers Happy, so they’ll recommend you!
  • Cure Your Speaking Foibles-and banish your “ummmms, you knows”
  • Generate Testimonials
  • Record yourself, both in audio and video, to use later!

Module 3: Creating Professional Materials

  • Edit and Create Demo CDs, which you can also sell at engagements
  • Create video clips on YouTube
  • Create a testimonial video
  • Print up one-sheets
  • Develop a Fee Schedule that Works for Everyone!

You’ll learn the secrets to setting your fees, helping people find you, and giving off a professional, competent appearance.

Find out more here, today only!


  1. Barbara Caldwell says


    I tried to order your special Black Friday e-course. My order wasn’t accepted yet. It may be because I forgot to change the extra form to U.S. info. I hope that I will still be able to get in on the great offer. Thanks for all your guidance.

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