The Need for Excellence

I had such a wonderful time talking to a bunch of you in our teleseminar last week: Crafting a Life-Changing Signature Talk. We talked about what went into an effective talk, how to keep Jesus the focus, and how to choose and use anecdotes well. And I gave you a step-by-step approach for planning a talk, together with a handout where you just fill Continue Reading

Why We Need to Be Real

Tomorrow night I'll be hosting our teleseminar, Crafting a Life Changing Signature Talk! For all of you who are wanting to grow your speaking ministry, listen in to learn how to use anecdotes, how to open a talk, how to close for maximum impact, and how to share your story. And we'll spend a lot of time considering how to handle Scripture with Continue Reading

Crafting Your Signature Talk

I think everyone should have a signature talk. Quite frequently I'm asked to speak, and people give me a topic. But more often, they just ask me to speak. And in that case, what do you talk about? I think we all need signature talks: talks that define us, that encapsulate the unique story that God has been weaving into our lives. My Continue Reading