Crafting Your Signature Talk

I think everyone should have a signature talk.

Quite frequently I’m asked to speak, and people give me a topic.

But more often, they just ask me to speak. And in that case, what do you talk about?

I think we all need signature talks: talks that define us, that encapsulate the unique story that God has been weaving into our lives. My signature talk and your signature talk will not look the same, because we all have a different journey with God. But when we tell our stories, people hear our hearts. And when they hear our hearts, they’re more likely to open up their own to listen to Jesus.

That’s why we can’t use someone else’s talk. We may use other people’s anecdotes as illustrations, but the talk has to come from our hearts.

Just because it has to have our unique content, though, doesn’t mean that there isn’t a “formula”, or a “sequence”, that works well for most talks. I believe there is. In all my talks, I open in a similar way (though the stories, of course, will differ). I handle Scripture in a certain way. I use illustrations and statistics at key points. I use humour, and I get serious. But if you do it in a specific way, then you engage people. You build during the talk. You take them with you to that end point where they are willing to listen to Jesus.

I’m not saying that it’s formulaic; I think people would listen to two of my talks and think them quite different, even though the skeleton and the methods that I use are the same. It’s just that once you learn the structure to an effective talk, creating other talks is quite easy. You just need to ask God for the focus and content!

I want to help you figure out that structure, and show you what works. We’ve talked a lot on this blog about the mistakes that people often make by trying to “teach” and “preach“, or trying to sound like an expert when what people really want is to be able to relate to you. Now we’re going to put it all together and show you how to form this into a signature talk.

Will you join me? Next Tuesday, October 13, at 9 pm EST, I’ll be hosting a teleseminar, LIVE, to help you develop a life-changing signature talk. I would love to have you there!

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