The Only Social Media Strategy that Works

Let me tell you about a woman I know who is an aspiring speaker. She also is quite involved in ministry to teens and the hurting. I follow her on Twitter and Facebook, and occasionally look at her blog. And this professional woman, who is listed as "in a relationship" on Facebook, with no other information, spends 60% of her tweets replying to Continue Reading

How to Stop Nervousness When You Speak

Today on Use Your Words BlogTalkRadio, I talked about how to end nervousness! And you'll be happy to know I didn't say anything about picturing people in their underwear. Listen in to the show here for great tips! It's thirty minutes long, and well worth your time. But here are a few highlights: 1. Practice one talk really well You Continue Reading

Doing One Thing Well…

When we start speaking, we're desperate for work. We feel a little overwhelmed by the whole process--does God really want to use me? Do I really have something to say? And the more we get into speaking, the more excited we get. Maybe I really can do this! The problem is that that excitement often isn't blended with anything resembling a Continue Reading