Use Your Words: Should You Write a Book?

photo © 2008 Ed Yourdon | more info (via: Wylio) Every Tuesday on BlogTalkRadio I host Use Your Words, a 30 minute show where I give you speaking tips! After asking on my Facebook page about the types of things you all wanted to hear about, I discovered that "writing a book" was right there on the top of the list. So I decided to tackle that Continue Reading

How to Use Photos to Get the Word Out

You're a Christian women's speaker. You speak at church events. You do it for the glory of God. So thinking about marketing your speaking ministry sounds weird. Is that really part of ministry? Yes, it is, because if God has given you a message, you should want to get it out there. And you can only get it out there if people have heard of you Continue Reading

Use Your Words: Getting Your Ministry out of a Rut

photo © 2008 Paul Walker | more info (via: Wylio) Is your speaking ministry stuck in a rut? Maybe last year you had three paid speaking engagements, so you were hoping to have ten this year. But you've had three again. Or perhaps you dreamed of breaking out of speaking engagements for roughly 50 people each time, and speaking to hundreds. But Continue Reading

When Your Ministry is Attacked Online

photo © 2009 Nathan Siemers | more info (via: Wylio)   Recently a blog held a contest for the "25 Best Faith Blogs". Somehow a ton of pagan blogs got on the list, along with a bunch of Christian mom blogs, and a voting war started between the pagan blogs and the Christian ones. It got kind of nasty. The Christians that I saw were trying Continue Reading

Use Your Words: What Should I Charge for Speaking?

photo © 2008 Tyler | more info (via: Wylio) What are the going Christian speaker fees? What do Christian speakers charge? And how in the world do I ask for it? That's the most common question I get from people--how do I figure out what to charge for speaking? What do other people charge? And is it selfish to ask for money? On this week's Use Continue Reading