Giving God Your Best

Yesterday I hosted 15 teenagers at my house for 9 hours. I deserve a medal. They're all part of the Bible quizzing program I run at our church. We have five different teams who compete four times a year at regional meets. It sounds extremely geeky (this year they're working on the book of John), but it's actually quite fun. After studying and Continue Reading

Passion Vs. Strategy

I hear it all the time--"I have a passion for youth". Or "I have a passion to reach those with mental illness". Or "I have a passion for stepfamilies." God has put different passions for ministry on our hearts. I would say I have a passion for marriage--partly stemming from growing up without a dad, and partly stemming from seeing how much of a Continue Reading

A Quiet Reflection

This Christmas represents the eighth year that I have had to come up with new Christmas columns. And I have to come up with at least three a year every year. That's 24. It's hard to figure out what 25 will be. It's the eighth year I've been speaking, too. But it's the first year I've had a major book deal. The first year I've partnered with a Continue Reading

Answering Your Questions

Yesterday on my Use Your Words BlogTalkRadio show I answered a bunch of questions that you all had put up on the wall of our Facebook group! Do listen in and get answers to questions like: How do I decide what to speak on? Do I need more than one talk? How do I branch out to speak beyond my church? What is my niche? Should I write a book? What do I Continue Reading