Guest Post: Overcoming the Fear of Technology

I love running guest posts written by some of the amazing speakers I've met, either through my training or through Facebook! Today Kathryn Lang is going to share her practical thoughts on overcoming one of a speaker's greatest fears: technology! Two years ago the site of a microphone or a camera would send me screaming and running from the Continue Reading

Accepting Where You are in Your Ministry

This morning, for my mom blog, I wrote a post about accepting where you are, and not berating yourself for not reaching goals. I thought it was a message we speakers needed to hear, too. Many years ago, when I was in my early twenties, I made some career goals for myself. One in particular I was supposed to have attained when I hit Continue Reading

Accepting God’s “No’s”

Speaking is a strange ministry. Most people, when they're involved in ministry, have a job. They don't have to go out there and market themselves, and try to drum up engagements. They don't have to constantly be promoting. Most people also are surrounded by others who can encourage them, and give them feedback, and pray, and be a sounding board Continue Reading

4-Part Webinar: Write Your Talk

Do you have trouble figuring out what your main point should be in your talk? Are you unsure how to turn a talk into a 4-part retreat? Do you struggle with wondering whether you're delivering your stories well? I can help! I've been teaching webinars on Christian speaking for over a year now, and in just over a week I'm going to begin a brand Continue Reading

Handling Distractions While You’re Speaking

I was in the middle of the testimony part of my talk--the part where I share what it was like first receiving the news that the baby that I was carrying had a severe heart defect that would likely prove fatal. The humorous part of the talk was over. The laughter had died down, and people were inched forward in their seats, hanging on to my Continue Reading

When You Feel Like an Impostor

I smiled, hugged, and waved at the women who organized the women's day as I opened the trunk to deposit my props and books inside. Clicking the unlock button, I climbed in the driver's side, and turned the car keys as I rolled the window down. One more wave, I thought, as the smile was plastered on my face. They waved back, laughing and Continue Reading