Choosing Events Strategically

Do you have dreams for where you want your ministry to go? Do you have a sense that God is calling you in a certain direction? Do you desire to have the strongest reach for the message that God has given you? Then you should speak strategically! We really have two main areas where we need to be strategic: we need to be strategic in our message Continue Reading

How to Write a Book Proposal

So many of my followers on Facebook and Twitter have been reporting the various stages their book proposals are in, so I thought it was high time that I share with you how to write a book proposal! I've written about six in my life, and three have been accepted and published, and the others are with publishers right now. So it is something I've Continue Reading

Do You Really Want to Write a Book?

Speakers are natural communicators. We have a story from God-the story that weaves through our lives, that shapes everything we do and who we are, and He is the author of that story. And we naturally want to share it. Perhaps you started out primarily as a writer, and you began to speak to bring bigger exposure to your books. Or perhaps you've Continue Reading

Guest Post: Handling Denominational Differences

I conduct speaker training all over the internet, and I often ask my students to send in guest posts of the things they've learned, or the things they're thinking about. Candy Troutman has felt the call to speak for a long time, but lately she's been stepping out in faith and making herself more available. And here are some thoughts she has that Continue Reading

Cold Calling Local Churches for Speaking Requests

Your palms are sweaty. You pick up the phone, and you flash back to when you were 13 and you wanted to call that boy you really liked, so you dialed fast and then hung up before he answered. Only now you're long past 13, and you can't hang up because most churches have call display. You're engaged in that most nerve-wracking of all marketing Continue Reading