Redesigning my Speaker Training

Hello fellow speakers! It's been almost a year and a half since I launched this blog, and exactly a year ago since I started doing tele seminars and e-courses online. I've loved connecting with so many of you and I've been honored that you have appreciated the words and experience that I've had to share with you. More recently I've been Continue Reading

The Nagging Question

I love getting guest posts from some of the people who take my speaker training! Here's a really inspirational post from my friend LauraLee Shaw, whom I met on Facebook and Twitter, but who I've also gotten to know in our Facebook group. All speakers need to think long and hard about the question that nags LauraLee: I remember the following Continue Reading

Sell the Problem Before the Solution

Remember the "Jesus is the Answer" bumper stickers? They weren't overly successful at spreading the gospel. People tended to laugh in derision instead. And I really don't blame them. Because you see you can't have an answer until you have a question. And that's so important to remember when we're speaking: don't give people the answer to Continue Reading

The Ten Qualities of a Gifted Women’s Speaker

If you're wondering whether or not God has called you to speaking, here are the ten qualities that I think best define a gifted women's speaker. I should note that several of these I struggle with--finding time for prayer, for instance. But making this list encourages me to aim higher and rely on God more, so even if you're not totally there yet, Continue Reading