Staying Healthy When You Speak

When you’re scheduled to speak, it’s awfully hard to call in sick. You have to be coughing up a lung or something. The group has hired you, you’re on the posters, and they don’t really have an alternative. You can’t just sub in a different speaker at the last minute. So you want to make sure you’re up to par healthwise when the engagement comes Continue Reading

Finding Ministry Partnerships when Speaking

I recently received an email from a woman who feels called to family ministry in the military--but she had no idea where to start. The need was just too great. Often when we get a burden for something, we feel it so acutely that the need magnifies inside us, and it becomes almost suffocating. We see how big the job is, and we feel like there's no Continue Reading

Use Your Words: Building Your Online Presence

Image by Mexicanwave via Flickr Today on Use Your Words we talked about how to create an online presence that helps with getting speaking engagements! It was a great show, and I encourage you to listen to the whole thing right here! Remember that every Tuesday at noon EST I host a BlogTalkRadio show about speaking and writing, where you can send Continue Reading