Treating Speaking as a Business

Is what we do a business, or is it a ministry? It's a constant struggle, isn't it? It's interesting how often Christians see these two things in dichotomy. We think that if it's a ministry, it can't make money and we can't use it to feed our families. It has to be something that we do totally altruistically. Our jobs, on the other hand, are Continue Reading

Does Appearance Matter?

We women are ever so sensitive about our appearance, aren't we? I do a comedy routine about this at the beginning of most of my talks to make people laugh and warm up to me. It's easy to laugh about how much emphasis we women put on our appearance, and how silly it all is. We know we're more than our appearance. We know there are more Continue Reading

Why Many Women’s Events Miss the Mark

Anyone who is involved in women's ministry in a church today has on her heart the goal to reach people for God, and help move them into a deeper relationship with Him. I have no doubt about that absolutely. The problem is that the way we go about women's ministry often works in direct opposition to that goal. For instance, I think that in order Continue Reading

Are You in the Building Phase of Your Ministry?

Are you in the building phase? Last fall I had contractors working on a new deck and a renovation for our backyard. It was exciting. As the days went by, I could almost visualize what it would eventually look like. But it was also LOUD. Really loud. It was a pain. And they arrived early in the morning, so I had to be up and dressed much Continue Reading

Two Spiritual Roadblocks in Speaking

Today, on "Use Your Words", my Blog Talk Radio show that airs every Tuesday at noon EST, I was talking about how to spiritually prepare for speaking engagements. We covered a lot of ground, and I encourage you to listen in here! But I want to highlight two things that were raised. I believe that we have two main spiritual blocks for being used Continue Reading

A Speaking Plan for 2010

January is a time to think about goals and dreams: what are you planning on accomplishing in 2010? But there's a difference between the two, isn't there? A dream is something that God gives us. The goals are the plans we have to achieve that dream. Setting Goals So how do you set realistic goals for your speaking? I want, in this post, to Continue Reading