Incorporating Humor into Your Talk

"She laughed. She cried. She came home changed." That's what we're aiming for. We want people to come home changed, and that usually means that we need to appeal to different emotions in your talk. I've talked before about the different elements that go into a talk, and the ways in which we can plan our talks so that we build towards the one Continue Reading

Considering Cultural Differences When Speaking

I'm cold. Really cold. I'm just back from a trip to Regina, Saskatchewan, where I spoke 5 times in three days. Four of the events were at one church (two Christmas women's events and two church services) and then the other was at a second church for a women's outreach. It was a rewarding time, though I don't like traveling. But Regina is cold. Continue Reading

Figuring Out Social Networking

What is Twitter? And I'm on Facebook--but what's really the point? I'm sick of people "poking" me and adding things to my "fishtank". I hear you. I really do. Is social networking really necessary? And does it help us as we build our speaking ministry? Well, the quick answer is Yes. And No. Let me explain: 1. We need a web presence When Continue Reading