Should I Charge for Speaking Engagements?

After all the discussion in the comments of the last post about money and ministry, I thought I'd better tackle the topic! Here's the issue in a nutshell: if speaking is a ministry, should we charge for it? People come down on both sides of this argument, and I don't want to argue that one is necessarily right. What I do want to do is Continue Reading

Speaker Bureaus: Yay or Nay?

Ann Dunagan asked a question in the comments about whether or not having a speaking bureau representing you is a good idea. She writes: I have a specific question for you. Do you think it’s important, or beneficial, to have a speaker management service to secure a broader or wider range of future speaking engagements? Do you know if the majority Continue Reading

Transparency = Authenticity

In one of my recent posts, I talked about how being transparent and vulnerable--without glorifying sin--gives you instant credibility with audience members and makes your message more accessible and believable. If the Christian church routinely practiced transparency and vulnerability, I think we would be much healthier. If we admitted where we Continue Reading

Keeping in Touch

I have so appreciated all the comments on Twitter and Facebook and through email from all of you who are reading this blog! I want to keep you updated on what I have planned. First, a few of you have asked for my complete story on how I started speaking originally. Never fear; that's coming! It will be my next post. Next, I'm planning a Continue Reading

How Do I Build Expert Status?

In order to be invited to speak, people generally need two things: 1. They need to be perceived as an expert 2. They need to be perceived as someone who can speak We've talked a little bit about the second one in some previous posts. Now let's talk about how to be perceived as an expert! You may not feel like an expert. But you are an Continue Reading