Speaker Training

Want to launch your speaking ministry, or take it to the next level? I can help!

Several Audio Downloads are now available. Just click on the titles to learn more:

How to Launch Your Speaking Ministry
This one hour teleseminar will teach you what a talk entails (hint: it’s not about teaching!), how to impact people, how to find your voice and your message, and how to get your first speaking engagements.

How to Build an Online Community
Learn how to leverage social media to establish yourself in your niche. As a speaker, you want to get the word out there. But you also want to keep in touch with those that you speak to, because they can send you more referrals, and they’re natural customers for your products. But perhaps even more importantly, you’ve already made a connection with them, so you are the natural vehicle to continue to minister God’s message!

How to Craft a Life-Changing Signature Talk
In this 80 minute recording, I walk you step-by-step through the process of creating a talk. You’ll learn what elements must be there, what should not, what order to put everything in, how to open well and close powerfully, and how to choose anecdotes. By the end you’ll have a skeleton of your first signature talk!

Treating Speaking as a Business 
We know that speaking is a ministry, but too often we focus so much on ministry that we forget basic business principles that would actually help us to grow–things like preparing a budget, marketing your message, working on professionalism, and deciding where to invest. In this talk you’ll learn how becoming more professional in what you do will actually cause your ministry to have greater impact.

How to Get Better Bookings
It’s the curse of most new speakers–you speak a few times in small churches, and you’re handed a potted plant to say thank you, or you’re given a $25 gift certificate to a Bath and Body Works. Can you actually get bookings that pay? How can you move up to the next level? In this talk we’ll focus on women who have been speaking for a while, but want to break out of that rut.

Creating Information Products to Sell When You Speak
Did you know that I make more income from selling products when I speak than I do from speaking fees? And not all of my products are books, either! In this audio download, you’ll hear tons of ideas of products that you can create that are helpful to people, drive your message home, and generate more speaking income for you

Then I also have two e-courses. This in-depth training arrives by email, and allows you to delve deeper into some of these subjects. Learn more about them by clicking on the links:

Launch Your Speaking Ministry
A 3-part module that will help you develop a talk, learn your niche, set your fees, and market yourself!

Build Your Online Community
A 4-part module that will help you start a blog, navigate social media like Twitter and Facebook, build blog readership, and even host an online party!

Check back frequently because there’s lots more coming! If you want to be kept informed when something new is available, just sign up here!

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